Sale of Business

An exit strategy is a required component when getting ready to sell your business, and it may also be executed when an investment or business venture has met its profit objective. Other reasons for executing an exit strategy may include a significant change in market conditions due to a catastrophic event; legal reasons, such as estate planning, liability lawsuits or a divorce; or for the simple reason that a business owner/investor is retiring and wants to cash out.

Financial documentation is required in the process of  selling a company and will define the current value in the sale price. The areas that need to be focused on are as follows;

  • Balance Sheet
    • A statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of a business or other organization at a particular point in time, detailing the balance of income and expenditure over the preceding period.
  • Operating expenses
    • Those expenditures that a business incurs to engage in activities not directly associated with the production of goods or services.
  • Cost of sales analysis
    • Retail: The purchase cost of inventory value of merchandise sold during a stated period plus the cost of direct work.
    • Manufacturing: The production cost or inventory value of goods sold during a stated period.
  • Current valuation
    • The process of determining the current worth of an asset or a company.
  • Revenue
    • Sales from all lines of business
    • Market Valuation
    • Market Share

Brand Value

  • How is the company perceived? What is your reputation among those in the industry and their customers?

Product Segmentation

  • What is the line of business?
    • Line of Business: General term that refers to the product/service or related set of products/services that serve a particular customer transaction or business need.

Industry Growth Trends

  • What is the growth rate of the industry?

Customer Demographics

  • How often is the company getting repeat business? What portion of its current business is made up of repeat business?

Operational Efficiency

  • How many employees do they currently have?
  • What is their management style? What are the qualifications and experience of the top management?

How many accounts does the company have?

  • What is the current relationship between the business and its customers?

Where does Lions Assurance Financial fit in?

Lions Assurance Financial brings knowledge, experience, and well-researched insight into the area of professional financial advisory. At Lions Assurance Financial it is our goal to help our clients in the acquisition process and provide risk management services throughout the transaction.



What can Lions Assurance Financial do for you? 

Lions Assurance Financial can provide the expertise of an experienced advisory firm that has been go to for many company sales and purchases, in multiple sectors such as Digital Startups, eCommerce, Real Estate, Automotive and Trucking, and Hospitality. This experience ensures that LAF provides the best possible care for its clients, and will continue to do so.  LAF makes sure that our clients get the most out of their deals, whether buying or selling, both are performed with the utmost dedication.


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Looking for a better Financial Advisor?

Our team collaborates, closely, with our clients and their various other trusted suppliers to better orchestrate wealth management solutions for our clients.