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Ariel Tavor


Ariel is the Founder and Principal Managing Director of Lions Assurance Financial. His agenda for Lions Assurance Financial is to provide his clients a service that maintains the highest professional value. Specializing in the Business-to-Business market has allowed proficient expertise in providing ongoing consulting services in the focus areas of business advisory, capital markets, and risk management. Ariel works with CEO’s, Capital Investment funds and Boards of Directors where he advises his clients in matters of Executive compensation, Business plan design, Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence, and Asset Financing.

 Ariel has 10 years of experience in the financial services industry.  He has worked in insurance and investment companies to analyze client’s financials and make suggestions on allocations based on defined objectives as well as maintaining long term relationships. Ariel’s comprehensive experience has allowed him to work closely with CEOs of companies and their executive teams from diverse industries, such as trucking, hospitality, commercial Real estate, Insurance, manufacturing, and technology. He has helped lead companies through the challenging decisions around – Buy-Sell Agreements, Deferred Compensation, employee group benefits, Succession Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuations ,and Business Sales. 

Ariel currently oversees their family office investment group and sits on the Board of Directors of several companies and real estate developments. Their Investment group controls a portfolio of companies in multiple industries. They collaboratively have holdings in companies specialized in – Automotive Distribution- Real Estate Asset Management- Corporate Travel- InkMailing Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Management Consulting, Enterprise Technology, and Food Concepts. In recent years there has been a transition into fund allocation towards limited partnership investments in Venture Capital, Private Equity, and REITS within individually underwriting opportunities.

Keith Yagnik

Director- Business Advisory & Capital Markets

 Keith provides business advisory and capital raise services to domestic and foreign entities that are privately and publicly held (including state-owned) enterprises of all sizes. On the business advisory side, he develops optimization plans for clients and supports their execution within the complete life cycle within the mergers and acquisition  process. On the capital raise side, he supports pre-IPO, IPO, and FPO rounds. He is passionate about providing financial services support to small/nano-cap early growth stage companies in a diverse range of industries. He partners with institutional investment, private equity, and venture capital groups to help bring finance, business acumen, relevant business data, and access to valuation and underwriting professionals.

Prior to joining Lions, Keith enjoyed a 50+ year career, starting out as a freshly-minted MBA entry-level management trainee and rising through the ranks to Chief Executive Officer & President-level. Keith worked on the client-, agency-, and marketing services provider-side. Working in 28 countries worldwide, he has experience across multiple sectors, including airlines, automotive, consumer packaged goods, energy, financial services, healthcare, health & beauty aids, hospitality, liquor, media/publishing, retail, technology, and telecommunications. Keith pivoted over the past 10 years to financial services at MetLife, New York Life and now Lions Assurance Financial.  Throughout his career, Keith has worked to support clients at all levels, with companies of all sizes, in different industries and sectors, essentially helping them continuously improve their companies’ business and financial performance.

Keith is a graduate of Bombay Scottish High School, then the University of Mumbai, majoring in economics with statistics, and marketing. Keith subsequently got various professional certificates and licenses, first in Canada then USA, such as advanced marketing, account planning, media planning & buying, negotiation skills, insurance and investment licenses. Keith is a 30+ year resident, with his wife, on the Upper East Side, Manhattan, a member of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, and gets his biggest chuckles watching his four grandkids grow.

Ariel Serber

Director-Risk Management

Ariel Serber is a Director at Lions Assurance Financial, where he works to benefit his clients by providing financial services service with a keen focus on risk management. Ariel specializes on the key components to take into consideration when evaluating complex insurance policies and management of employee group benefit plans. Ariel supports business accounts to help mitigate risks they face within in their company by implementing strategies and products for key-person protection plans, executive benefits and retirement investments. In three years with Lions Assurance Financial, Ariel has successfully helped executives from large organizations and small businesses achieve their objectives and adapt to a dynamic market. He also partners with other professional advisors to provide tailored insurance products and make actionable financial & estate plans and asset & wealth management plans.

Prior to joining Lions Assurance Financial, Ariel was responsible for Wealth Management at AXA advisory for eight years. While there, he supported clients to create and execute a plan of action for their financial goals. Ariel worked for MetLife as a financial service representative worked businesses and professional to build a large network within the financial services industry. Ariel has a strong foundation in financial advisory, with agile skills adapting to the changing business environment and making sure to maintain focus on a client’s actual needs in risk management.

With over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, operations, and decision analysis, Ariel has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses. He focuses on maintaining clients’ relationship to continuously review the implementation of the financial solution. He believes that technology evolves rapidly, but human relationships are important to craft the most suitable plan for clients’ situations, which is still what matters the most in this business.

Michael Kikoz

Chief Technology Officer

Michael is the Chief Technology Officer at Lions Assurance Financial, and leads the Hasmo Consulting division (our technology consulting division) as the Director of Technology and Operations. He focuses on consulting clients in developing operational strategies and providing customized technology solutions for their businesses. At Lions Assurance Financial, Michael creates and analyzes business plans and objectives while implementing technology solutions to ensure the company, and our clients meet business goals and objectives. He provides comprehensive systems analysis and enterprise technology design while participating in the planning and execution of the solutions for client initiatives. Michael has worked with clients in the automotive, beauty, energy, financial, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and travel industries.

Before joining Lions Assurance Financial, Michael was responsible for IT & Security Administration at Gold Buyers at The Mall, a first to market start up with a 325 (+) store operation with 250 RMU’s and 75 inline locations that employed a staff of 22 District Managers, 2 Regional Managers and more than 750 employees across 32 states. During his time with the company, he developed compliance and cyber-security strategies & procedures and performed technical evaluations of system infrastructure. He also designed databases and systems to protect against fraud and theft. Furthermore, he implemented advanced reports for the executive team to help with decision-making and loss prevention. Michael was also responsible for server maintenance, and cloud technology implementation for the corporate office and retail stores. In addition to the technical work performed, he assisted the executive team in analyzing in creating an IT and Security budget to achieve the optimal cost targets. This work enriched Michael’s understanding of technology integration for large organizations and provided deep insight into security measures required in a large-scale business environment.

As technology becomes more integrated in day to day operations across all industry sectors, the digital landscape is essential for many businesses to succeed.  With experience and understanding of the new technology and tools available in the market today, Michael is able to deliver agile, cutting-edge technology solutions for clients while providing valuable advice on integrated business strategy and operations. Michael also specializes in website and search engine optimization, cloud technology, data analytics, e-commerce, marketing technology, human resources, and project management. 

At Lions Assurance Financial, we proactively connect with clients in diverse industries to identify their business needs to help accurately implement corporate solutions. Our team members specialize in different disciplines and are committed to provide the highest quality service in the areas of Capital Markets, Business Advisory, and Risk Management. Many clients that have smaller projects or need strategic coaching also work with our advisors in an hourly rate of consultation. The fees vary based on the service. You can contact one of our partners to book a consultation.

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