Capital Markets

How We Work

Step 1: Execute standard Mutual NDA
Step 2: Identify client objectives
Step 3: Define the scope of work
———–Identify suitable sources
———–Develop Business Plan
———–Set Timeline for each phase
———–Quote LAF fee for providing services
Step 4: Complete detailed business analysis
Step 5: Get business and owner’s share valuation
Step 6: Identify funding sources and strategies
Step 7: Develop a business plan and exit strategy

  • Capital to fund organic growth of business
  • Capital to fund new talent acquisition
  • Capital to fund business acquisition
  • Capital for selling all share of business
  • Capital for selling some share of business
  • Capital for optimizing business for sale
  • Coordinating valuations
  • Coordinating negotiations
  • Business management consulting
  • Coordinating growth capital raise
  • Coordinating working capital raise
  • Coordinating debt structure
  • Coordinating management buyouts
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